Sunday, March 25, 2012

Teach a girl to fish and you feed her for a lifetime...

Poached Coral Trout
We try to have at least one fish meal each week but I'm often disappointed as it turns out a little dry, chalky, tough or even sometimes downright inedible mush. It was my 2012 New Year's Resolution to learn how to cook fish properly.

It happens every time, but never ceases to amaze me, that when you put something out there, suddenly it appears everywhere you look. As I was leafing through an issue of Gourmet Traveller, there it was - Brigitte's Kitchen "What a Catch" - an article about cooking freshly caught fish; I open Good Food Magazine, there's a book called none other than "Fish Cookbook"being recommended - for those who need directions, pictures and a how to guide. I leaf through an amazing book I received for Christmas called "The Silver Spoon" and there it is again, a large section dedicated to the fruits of the sea.

So, for this year, I am making a point of picking some recipes that are pushing me into the "deep end" to stretch my fish cooking abilities. I've tried some seafood dishes with some good success already, Poached Coral Trout, which turned out fantastically, and I added some extra seafood to an old favourite, paella. It's quite an easy challenge to stay focused on since the results so far have been good enough to eat!

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