Sunday, March 11, 2012


There's rehab for people who are addicted to drugs, AA for alcoholics, Nicotine patches for tobacco addiction, hypnotherapy for chocolate addiction but no therapy, but discipline (or succumbing) to mine.... Cookery Mag Addiction. 

I've had subscriptions to one magazine or another for about 7 years now, after buying my first Delicious Magazine in August of 2004, and I've enjoyed every minute of them. My hubbie wonders why some days I rush to the door to greet him with a look of joy on my face, and others I just calmly keep going with whatever I'm up to! I don't think it took him long to realise that it correlated to whether he was clutching one of my favourite magazines or not. 

The nice thing about my magazine collection, which has recently moved to a new home of it's own bookshelf, as it started getting too unruly, is that I actually tap into the magazines each week to make my menu. I pull off seasonal editions of Delicious, MasterChef Magazine, GoodFood, Gourmet Traveller or Feast Magazine when I'm looking for recipes to cook each week. We have a whole selection and my prolific collection means that we rarely eat the same things twice (although old favourites do come back around every so often!) One of my favourite weekend tasks is to pull a few magazines from the shelf and pour through them looking for menu inspiration.

It's an addiction that space is beginning to curb, and I almost feel satisfied that I have enough recipes to go on.... until the next new food mag makes it's way onto my radar!

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Claire @ Claire K Creations said...

Haha I get the same look of excitement on my face when my man walks in the door and there's a magazine in the mail. Magazine day!

It is a dangerous but very satisfying addiction (oh dear is that what they say about the bad things too?).

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