Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Surprise" Chocolate Cake

Disappointing "4" cake
Creating fabulous culinary creations doesn't work so well if the recipients don't enjoy the food, so we often tame the chilli in a dish or leave the steak on for a few more minutes past a medium rare! We learnt a lesson about catering to the tastes of others a few years ago. My hubbie spent all day decorating a fabulous cake for the 4th birthday of our nephew. Most 4 year old would be pretty impressed, I would have thought, with a cake in the shape of a 4, with a road, real cars and road signs?! However, we realised the hard way that Amadeus was not a big fan of the coloured frosting. So disappointed that he didn't want to eat it until every trace of the orange icing had been removed.

"Surprise" Chocolate Cake
I decided to make the "Surprise Chocolate Cake" from this month's MasterChef Magazine but to make sure it was palatable for all our dinner guests, the surprising thing about how my chocolate cake looked was that mine was missing a segment of the pink pomegranate icing. The cake, with raspberry and chocolate chip surprises, was so moist and I was also surprised by how pink the icing became with the natural pomegranate juice. I was really happy with my creation, and my youngest critic was adamant right up to when I was serving up the cake, that he was to have the un-frosted section!


Musings Of Taste said...

Hi MIchelle, I like the look of this cake, yum!

I'll have to get the recipe.

Food Handlers Permit said...

Love the syrup dripping on the cake. Can't wait to try this recipe. I'll make these for my mom and my brothers and sister. They will be so happy about this.

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