Sunday, March 4, 2012

Advance Australia Fare

Australia Fare
We often have guests from overseas, and last night with 4 visitors only here for a few weeks as well as a few more long term visitors (with only my husband as a true blue Aussie), I wanted to give them a chance to taste some of Australia's fare. We put together an Australiana menu that showcased a few different tasters of what Australia has to offer from the sea to the bush and back to the city!

Using the BBQ is also a big part of Aussie culture so we had that cranked, despite the rain, and cooked everything on there!

Here's our take on Aussie Tucker......


Australian Taster Plate:
Trio of Australian Flavours: Oyster with a squeeze of Fingerlime; Kangaroo fork with red currant jus; Lime, butter brushed Moreton Bay Bug


Barbecued Basil Marinated Butterflied Lamb
served with roast beetroot, parsnip, potatoes, corn and broccoli


Deconstructed Pavlova
Mini individual pavlova served with mango and strawberries with homemade Mango Frozen Yogurt


Amy from Appetite for Discovery said...

That looks amazing and has made me a little homesick! Love to photos too!

Amy from Appetite for Discovery said...


Anonymous said...

thank you michelle for cooking them for us, that was delecious!

Musings Of Taste said...

Michelle you can cook me that menu anytime! Seriously looks great, Yum

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