Saturday, January 18, 2014

Pick up Your Fork

Late last year I attended the launch of Your Fork, a website started earlier this year to bring home cooks and eaters together. It's an interesting concept where home cooks are encouraged to register with the site as Cooks and prepare and sell home cooked meals to rival Dominoes or other takeaway restaurants. After placing an order earlier in the day from one of the registered home cooks, the team at Your Fork will pick up the meal from the cook and deliver it straight to your home.

It was an interesting gathering with several of the cooks giving us a taster of the cuisine we can expect from the dinner boxes that are advertised on the site. We sampled raw food, gluten free delights and some great hearty Egyptian dishes. Now on their site they have meals from Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan and Italy, and their goal is to expand their home cook network to represent many more countries.

It is a great concept and they've set it up to suit the cooks, as well as the diners who can expect authentic recipes from cuisines they're craving at a reasonable price, so instead of picking up the phone to the pizza place, why not have a different dish on your fork!
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