Sunday, July 1, 2012

Can't cook? Yes you can!

Gary's French Onion Soup
I can't cook is something that I hear many people say! What I don't understand is that there's not much to cooking - at least home cooking that is.

Restaurant quality dishes are challenging and even me as an avid home cook would never have the creativity, food combination intuition or delicacy to put together some of the amazing concoctions that are served in some of the top restaurants.

No, what I am referring to are people who just think that they can't make food like me. I am no pretender, I make it very clear that I just follow a recipe and out pops an amazing dish! What these friends of mine are lacking is the patience to spend time in the kitchen preparing. 

The other day was a great example. I cooked Gary's Masterclass French Onion Soup which looked so amazing on MasterChef that I had to try it! It is such a simple dish - onions , stock, herbs and cheesy croutons. However, I bet the average non cook wouldn't dare - you know why? I spent about 20 mins peeling and slicing onions - the worst job in the kitchen! And then I spent about an hour caramelising then before adding any other ingredients. All it took was time and patience (and a few tissues to wipe the tears from my eyes!) to create a delicious dish. So anyone out there who thinks they can't cook, go on, to the MasterChef website, set aside an hour and a half and you'll see what an excellent cook you can be!


Mel said...

I often say I can't cook. I find cooking incredibly stressful & recipes that take ages or have too many ingredients leave me very flustered. I'm getting better though and find the key is to get a bit organised before it "all happens".

Sugary Flower said...

I totally agree. My mum always taught me, "If you can read, you can cook." It's so true - but I will admit that some things do also take practice (it's not hard to make scones - but few people make really good ones on their first try!). So I think in some ways being "a really good cook" is also about enjoying the process. Because the more you enjoy something, the more likely you are to do it again!

Unknown said...

Yes, good tips - need to get organised and pick easier dishes first up. Also, there are some tricky ones - I'm hardly an expert, but love it so I'm happy to spend the time to practice!

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