Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Dude Food Challenge

Duck and Mushroom Arancini with Spicy Saffron Mayo
MasterChef has its "Dude Food" Challenge tonight and I feel like I'm quite well practised in this type of food - way more than the delicate restaurant plating that is normally required.

The entree at our dinner party last night was a good example of hearty but fun snacky "Dude Food". My hubbie requested Arancini balls for his birthday, but with a day of activities planned, I promised it at the next dinner party we hosted. He is very proud of his risotto, which he slaves over for hours, so whilst I got to enjoy that for dinner on Friday night, we made double the dosage so we'd have enough for the risotto balls to serve to our guests as an entree. 

I've never made Arancini before but in my experience the rice in the centre is warm, soft and gooey whilst the breadcrumb is golden and crisp. I had my doubts about whether mine would be exactly that. A good tip of double crumbing though was the secret success factor and after deep frying the balls for a few minutes will golden, the crumb was crispy and the insides perfect -  scrumptious with the spicy saffron mayonnaise!


muppy said...

wow awesome looking balls! perfect dude food :)

Sufi said...

Then not only look very appetising they also taste extremely delicious.
Very gooey on the inside and crisp on the outside. YUM

Sugary Flower said...

Oh YUM, these look delicious. Never mind the dudes - this girl wants one! :)

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