Sunday, December 4, 2011

If Music be the Food of Love...

Chocolate Gunge

...We'd better feed the musicians!

In my offline life I play the violin in the Eastern Sydney Chamber Orchestra. Every concert the orchestra members pitch in a contribution to the afternoon tea for the audience to look forward to during the first half and to keep the sugar rush and adrenalin of the players high to see them through till the end of the concert!

This time I decided to bake an old favourite family recipe originally passed to us from a great family friend. It is a simple but amazing moreish kid friendly snack called Chocolate Gunge! Gooey and chocolatey, it attracted audience and orchestra members young and old!

When I say "recipe" I mean I kinda remember from my childhood what we put in and how we made it, so to help me commit it to memory for next time and to give a quick, easy and cheap ($7.36 for the whole lot) winner dish for the next kids party, or orchestra afternoon tea, I am sharing it here!

Chocolate Gunge

250g butter ($1.55)
395g can of condensed milk - ($1.79)
Cocoa powder (in the pantry)
250g scotch fingers - ($0.95)
250g milk arrowroot - ($1.09)
375g Milk chocolate - ($1.92)

  • Melt butter in a large saucepan. Remove from heat;
  • Add condensed milk and coca powder and stir well;
  • Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin or in a food processor till broken into small (approx 1cm pieces) but not crumbs;
  • Add biscuits to cocoa mixture and mix well;
  • Turn out into a rectangular baking tray;
  • Chill;
  • Meanwhile, melt the milk chocolate in a double boiler - a heat proof bowl sitting on top of a saucepan of water (but not touching the water) on the boil;
  • When biscuits are chilled, pour over the melted chocolate;
  • Spread the chocolate evenly over the biscuit and then make a swirly pattern using a fork;
  • Return to the fridge overnight or till the chocolate is solid;
  • Slice into 2cm square pieces and serve.

Don't expect it to last long!


Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things said...

Yummy... no other words needed!

Musings Of Taste said...

This was rather good when I tried it, I'll just have to make some!

Spencer said...

Looks absolutely delicious! I would love to try some.

Unknown said...

Thanks Spencer, It's so easy to make - you should try it! Let me know how you go!

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