Saturday, December 10, 2011

Festive Stuffed Chicken Thigh - Easy Christmas Dinner!

I like to have my Christmas Cake and eat it too! What I really mean is that I don't like to limit my Christmas spread just to Turkey or Ham or Prawns or..... The trouble with cooking for so many people and wanting such a variety is the oven space. Inspired by Christmas recipes of stuffed, rolled birds, I designed an easy festive stuffed Chicken Thigh that we're going to serve as part of a banquet for the family on Christmas Day. The thigh is much more moist than the breast, which is why I chose that part of the chook, and is a small enough to be individual and big enough to roll and with some tasty stuffing inside! We also cooked it on the BBQ meaning that the precious oven space will be freed up for bigger (not necessarily better) things!

Chicken Thighs on the BBQ
Festive Stuffed Chicken Thighs


Chicken Thighs - 1 per person
Bunch of Sage
Prosciutto - 1 slice per thigh

Stuffing (this stuffed 8 Chicken Thighs)
350g. sausage meat
1 med onion (or 2 spring onions), finely diced
4 sage leaves, chopped
Salt & Pepper

1 cup Red wine
2 tbs Plain Flour
2 tbs Redcurrant Jelly

The raw unrolled Festive Stuffed Chicken Thigh

  • Prepare the stuffing first - mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Divide into equal portions (as many as you have chicken thighs);
  • Spread the Chicken Thighs out flat and lay them on a board;
  • Cover the Thighs with cling wrap;
  • With a rolling pin, or another hard implement (meat tenderiser would do too!) whack the Chicken Thighs till they are flat;
  • Lay a slice of prosciutto on a piece of foil (enough to wrap the whole thigh)
  • Place a sage leaf on the prosciutto;
  • Lay the flat chicken thigh along the proscuitto on top of the sage
  • Place a ball of stuffing on the thigh and roll it tightly
  • Wrap the foil tightly round the rolled meat;
  • Repeat for the other Chicken Thighs;
  • Leave to rest in the fridge;
  • Meanwhile, soak the craisins in the Red wine for the Sauce
  • When ready to cook, heat the BBQ;
  • Remove the thighs from the foil and carefully place on the BBQ;
  • BBQ turning often until the roll is cooked through.
  • While the Thighs are cooking, prepare the sauce by adding the craisins and wine to a small saucepan;
  • Add the redcurrant jelly and bring to the boil;
  • Add a dash or red wine to the flour and stir to make a paste. Add the flour to the sauce to thicken it and make it glossy.

3 comments: said...

Yum! Will definitely give this a try - looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle - many thanks for asking. Yes! please feel free use the picture.


mangiawithmario said...

Hi Michelle! As always your dishes look superb.
I'd like to wish you and your family a most wonderful and magical Christmas!

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