Thursday, December 16, 2010

Masterchef Live: a Foodie’s Heaven

If I had been asked what would make a fantastic food festival, I would not have thought it could be as great as the Masterchef Live experience. It really was a foodie heaven for all of the family, with kids activities and cooking opportunities, the culinary heroes showcasing their skills, and a smattering of Masterchef celebs to top it all off! The stage show was an impressive recreation of the Masterchef kitchen. As I watched Gary and George cook on the big screen that magnified them and allowed us to get a close up of what was in the pan, it really felt like I was watching an episode of Masterclass, yet they were up there in the flesh in front of us!
Adriano Zumbo demonstrating his infamous beetroot macaroons was a definite highlight as he piped a tray of beautifully shaped circles with only an electric plug in stove and an antique mixer as his utensils.
Frank Zamora was another mouth watering experience as he recreated 3 tapas dishes served at Movida: bacalao (salted cod – which up to now I did not know how to prepare), pulpo gallego (octopus and kifler potatoes) and the Movida signature dish, Smoked Tomato Sorbet with Anchovies. The simple food was placed on the dish looking quite normal, but the effect of the garnish in all 3 cased brought the dish to life – an important lesson for me who can lose energy after preparing and move straight to eating!
Aside from the show, the demonstrations and the celebrity chef appearances, there were stalls with lots of tasty Australian produce to wander through, and grab a taste, and some fancy new gadgets that will make an appearance on my Christmas list!
I won’t ever go on Masterchef, but I felt like I got a taste of the action at Masterchef Live and my only regret is that I wasn’t there for many hours longer – if not the full 3 days!

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Unknown said...

You would be great on Masterchef! Give it a go! :)

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