Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give thanks for what we are about to receive

We don’t typically say grace in our home, but occasionally we do feel the need to attribute the maker for helping to create the dishes that find their way on to the table. Last night was one of those times! Thank you Jamie!! My husband’s birthday present to me (as well as a wonderful time in Italy) was Jamie Oliver’s latest 30 Minute Meals. It is a fabulous concept, directing us to multi-task in the kitchen by stepping through various components of the different dishes so the whole meal is ready simultaneously (haven’t quite cracked the 30 mins, but it’s not far off – and does Jamie’s other half insist that he washes up as he goes along??)
Last night’s feast was a flavoursome Indian marinated rump steak with curry sauce and a Spinach and Paneer Salad with mint yoghurt dressing served with naan bread (p 218 of his book!) A great combination and a delicious dish to share with friends!

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