Saturday, January 12, 2013

Food: Transforming America's Table

Food: Transforming America's Table

Food: Transforming America's Table in the Smithsonian museum of American History had been open only for a month or so - just in time for our visit to Washington DC. It was a real highlight of the trip to become acquainted with some of America's celebrity chefs from the early days, and to see some of our favourites from top chef cooking with Julia Childs' early in their careers!

Julia's kitchen was replicated looking like she'd just walked out of it a few minutes earlier and her infamous recognisable chortle resounded around the place as if she was doing a demo right there!

Julia Child's Kitchen
Another fascinating exhibit case had appliances from the ages. It was the fondue set that caught my eye having just had an experience at a fondue restaurant on the West Coast. A crepe pan, pasta roller and Dutch oven  were displayed here again, perhaps to highlight the European influences to food culture in the US.

After about an hour in the food gallery, I dragged myself away and I decided I really should see the star spangled banner as a more traditional take on American history before immersing myself in the other sights of Washington DC and enjoying some of the modern food culture at the city's restaurants shaping the new food history!

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