Sunday, October 28, 2012

Off with a bang(er)!

Mincing the lamb and pork belly
My best birthday present ever this year has been on my wishlist ever since I moved out of home! A Kenwood Mixer! Not just any mixer either, this is one of the top of the range models: the Titanium Major. This wasn't a surprise gift, as my hubbie knew he had to involve me in the decision making of what make, model, features and attachments I was hoping for, but what was a surprise was when we put a bid on an online auction for significantly less that we thought it was worth, and WON! I was ecstatic!
Sausage snake

What to cook to "pop the cherry" of the Major, I wondered. It couldn't be any old cake or pavlova that I could have made using my trusty food processor.... It had to be something that we couldn't do before: Sausages!

I've always liked the thought of choosing our own sausage filling, but having seen the sausage making debacles on MasterChef, I wasn't convinced it would be successful first time! Now, I had a mincer and sausage attachment, there was no excuse to give it a go. I figured, worst case, we'd end up with some meat patties!

They look like the real thing!
We wanted to start off with a recipe before we branched out and experimented, so we tried out Poh's Spicy lamb and pork sausage recipe with lots of herbs and spices accompanying the 2 types of meat, that we minced from scratch. The resulting sausages were juicy and tasty, but just a little overcooked (with so much fresh meat in there, the cooking requirements are obviously different to the supermarket bought ones), so we have since fixed that up in subsequent serves, ready for a sausage sizzling summer ahead!


Claire @ Claire K Creations said...

I've had the sausage stuffer attachment for my mixer for ages and still haven't used it. I think I have in my head that it's going to be difficult but I really should just do it. Yours look great! I love the idea of knowing what's actually in it.

Simon Leong said...

great looking sausages. i've never made them before but i think i'd rather someone else make them than me.

Amanda@ChewTown said...

What great sausages! I've been thinking I'd like to start making sausages... you may have given me the inspiration I needed. It was great to meet you on the weekend at EDB2012. :)

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