Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Get Laud..ico!

Adobo Shitake Mushroom Cappuccino
In Manila we were delighted to be invited to a family lunch at Chef Laudico Bistro Filipino at the Fort to try some modern Filipino cuisine. I loved the idea of the menu as soon as I read it: All you can Eat Degustation. It was perfect for trying all the restaurant had to offer. You could order whatever you liked and it would come it in small portions - allowing you to try many more dishes than had you ordered A la Carte, but with much more flexibility than a traditional degustation. The most daunting, but smart thing was the clean plate policy - we had to eat everything up - but it wasn't too difficult!

Sisig Shooters
One of the signature dishes of the restaurant is the Adobo Shitake Mushroom soup which was served just like a cappuccino but tasted nothing like it! The creamy mushroom flavour was so smooth and flavourful - yum! Another favourite was the Sisig Shooters. The sisig was served in a crispy cup on the top of the shot glass with a quail egg shooter in the glass. Interesting presentation, and whilst I'm not a huge fan of hard boiled eggs, the sisig flavour was delicious.

Crispy Pata
A range of more main style dishes were presented to us at the table: Telapia, Adobo Overload, Crispy Pata, Beef Estofado and it seemed many more plates for us to dig our forks into to try. Then came the desserts. I had a few of the mini dessert offerings, but by far the tastiest was the Yema Balls - donut like balls with custard, to dip in chocolate sauce.

It was a fabulous meal, lots of delicious food, laughter and great times with our Filipino family.


Claire @ Claire K Creations said...

That is such a brilliant idea! I so often wish I could try just a bit of lots of things rather than one meal.

JB said...

OMG. I wish I knew about this place during my last trip! It sounds fantastic!

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