Saturday, August 6, 2011

Christmas on a Stick!

Home-made Christmas in July Pudding
Vicky has hosted her famous Christmas in July party for many years now, and it's come to be expected every July. Also expected and hoped for is my "Christmas on a Stick" a simple canapé that has become a favourite at the party. The remit for guests is to bring something that reminds you of Christmas in your home country and being hosted by a fellow Brit, it's a chance for us to remember our warming Christmas feasts from home. Being a cocktail party though, a fully fledge roast turkey, with stuffing and cranberry sauce isn't going to work, but that's why I designed this delightful bite. It's nice and easy, and can be adapted to suit your favourite Christmas stuffing flavours! You can also jazz it up as much as you like - mine have to be transported across town and heated in my friends oven, competing with the other guests' creations, so I'm less precious about the finesse (and no one cares, they just want to get to it!)

Christmas on a Stick
Christmas on a Stick - makes about 50-60 bite sized pieces

Small Pre packed cooked oven roasted turkey breast*
500g pack of sausage meat
1 onion
few sprigs of sage
cranberry sauce
parsley (or any other green leafy herb to decorate)
cocktail sticks

For the Stuffing
  1. Pre heat the oven to 180C°;
  2. Finely dice the onion;
  3. Finely chop the sage;
  4. Mix sausage meat, onion, sage in a bowl;
  5. Shape into a square sausage shape and wrap in foil;
  6. Bake for 35-45 mins until cooked through (you're going to cut it up anyway, so feel free to have a quick check!);
  7. Cool the stuffing.
Assembling Christmas on a Stick

  1. Cut the turkey breast into 1cm cubes;
  2. Cut the stuffing into 1cm cubes;
  3. Lay the turkey out on a baking tray, place the stuffing on top and skewer with a cocktail stick;
  4. Heat for about 15 mins in a preheated oven (around 180C° - 200C°) till heated through;
  5. When hot, lay out on serving plate;
  6. Spoon a little blob of cranberry sauce on each;
  7. Decorate with a festive little piece of parsley for greenery;
Serve and be prepared to heat another batch because they go quick!

*you can buy this all year round in the same section of the supermarket as the hams


Japan-Australia said...

Christmas on a stick looks like a great party food idea :)

Japan Australia

Karen Harris said...

You have me so hungry for some sausage stuffing and a little cranberry sauce. Nice blog! Thanks so much for stopping by mine.

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