Friday, June 24, 2011

Crock Pot Crisis!

Coming home on a cold winter night to prepare dinner is hard enough! 
Coming home on a cold winter night when you're expecting to walk into the house to the delicious aroma of the slow cooker which has been bubbling away all day, only to find out that the timer for the slow cooker didn't go off is even harder......

Since we got our crock pot a few years ago, our trusty timer is set for midday so that the dish will automatically turn on while we're at work and do our cooking for us. It's a great feeling to come home after a hard day and have dinner prepared: meat falling off the bone, sauce reduced and scrumptious. The other day, however, we were sadly disappointed by timer failure and I had to had to improvise with an inferior but quick meatball dish!

Lemony Veal Stew with Chick Peas and Spinach
Fortunately, all was not lost and with a new functioning timer, we were able to enjoy two nights off cooking and two great dishes from my winter favourite cookbook, and a purchase my trip to Carmel, California a couple of years ago: Art of the Slow Cooker. The first dish was a hearty Lemony Veal Stew with Chick Peas and Spinach. A whole balanced meal in one pot!

After that, with confidence in the crock pot up, I attempted a US favourite, Spicy Pulled Pork which I prepared with Coleslaw and served in soft buns. Not the most attractive dish or healthiest, but it was so good! The spicy pork melted in the mouth with the crunchy coleslaw cooling the palate after a proper Tabasco kick. A fantastic reward after the earlier disappointment and I can't wait to get the crock pot out again!


Eftychia said...

It is good to have a hot, delicious meal ready when you come home from work, but imagine if your house was burned... I trully avoid leaving electrical equipment on, when I am not at home. I believe that it is really a huge risk. Any way, I am happy that you manage to have at least a quick meal :-)

Veggie Mama said...

My crock pot doesn't turn on automatically! I obviously need to upgrade, haha x

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