Saturday, March 19, 2011

Long Necks and Rib Eyes

As we coninued our Summer Ambassadorial duties for Hahn White, they sent us a second case of beer to try with our friends - which this time, arrived well in time for our BBQ. We invited our Belgian friend to try the Belgian Low Carb White beer to give her verdict on authenticity, as well as a group of international beer connoisseurs who have sampled beer from their home countries: Australia, England, South Africa, China, Germany & Colombia (not to mention the places they may have travelled). The beer "long neck" bottles are more like wine bottles, having been designed for the ice bucket rather than the esky, and we also had some beautiful tall glasses to fill.

Our Belgian native had never heard of the Carousel Ritual of putting orange slices in the beer, but it tasted refreshing so we went with it anyway and guzzled the Hahn White (giving Oz Clarke style commentary on the coriander and citrus notes), whilst munching on our complementary canapés - crispy prawn and pork wontons and scallops on zesty avocado salsa bites - and enjoying being outside on the balcony for this warm summer evening.

We moved inside for the main course, keeping with the summer BBQ theme we had large juicy rib eyes barbecued to perfection by our chef friends served with chimichurri salsa, cous cous with Mediterranean vegetables, and a warm  potato and baby spinach salad. We had a few toasts to Hahn White as the beer matched all of these so nicely, but there wasn't enough to keep us going all night, so we had to crack open a couple of bottles of Shiraz too!

After a palate cleansing ginger granita prepared by one of our guests (when was the last time you had a granita palate cleanser at a BBQ!) we stuck to the citrus theme, this time showcasing our Italian purchased limoncello, with Gino D'Acampo's delicious crowd pleaser -  Limoncello Trifle. The whole meal was a fabulous combination of fresh flavours! Thanks to Hahn White for sponsoring, Soup Marketing for inviting us to participate and to our good friend's for giving up their entire Saturday evening all in the name of market research!


Chef Dennis Littley said...

what a wonderful Barbecue, and I'm with you I've never had a palate cleanser at a BBQ, but I certainly wouldn't have refused it, it sounded delicious!
Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

Sounds perfect for me, but those fried scallops and prawns were calling my name!

Karen Harris said...

What a lovely blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine as that is what let me to yours. Your barbeque menu made my mouth water. I'm so looking forward to your future posts.

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