Monday, January 24, 2011

Jamie Oliver's "90 Minute Meals"

I love the concept of Jamie's 30 Minute Meals, and I love the results: great family style dishes impressively served. We have been so pleasantly surprised by the delicious flavour combinations with fresh ingredients. The biggest challenge is the timing! The beauty of the book is how Jamie sets you up to work on different parts of the dish so your finished products appear on the table all together.   Following Jamie's instructions and the flow of the meal is so simple but I take way more time than the allotted 30 mins! 

Take the Kimchee slaw for example. It was 15 mins by the time I had fished out the cabbage, radish and onion out of the fridge, found the shredder attachment and assembled the food processor, let alone making the salad, chicken, sauce and plati g it all up! My chicken also doesn't seem to cook as quickly as Jamie's! Maybe the Aussie chooks are bigger breasted!

Green Curry, Crispy Chicken, Kimchee Slaw, Rice Noodles
After several tries, my fastest was 45 mins (featured in my earlier post: Give thanks...) My next challenge is going to be a timed Masterchef "Pressure Test" style attempt, where I'll be under the pump (and maybe have the ingredient I need out on the bench beforehand!)

I'm determined to live up to Jamie's expectations and be able to produce his stunning and delicious dishes in better time!

Practice makes perfect I guess and so far no one is complaining - they'll come back for more!

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lau@corridorkitchen said...

This is a genius idea for a canape! I've gotta try this!

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