Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fire it up!

We are very prepared campers. We bring everything including the kitchen sink - well a folding one that is! This time we had a packed car full on an Easter weekend excursion to Mudgee. BBQ, stove, fry pan.... All the essentials for a weekend with some fantastic camping and cooking under the stars. With only 1 meal  to go and too much gear for us all to fit in the car on the way home, we sent some back with our fellow camper who was leaving early. We really did miss Jace after he left on Easter Sunday morning as we'd packed our portable gas BBQ in the boot of his car leaving us only with a little gas stove to prepare our final breakfast. Little did we know that the gas canister was about to run out leaving us stranded, not cooking with gas!

Luckily our smouldering fire from last night was still radiating heat so we went back to basics. Our coffee pot bubbled away in the embers and we cooked pancakes, bacon and eggs holding the frypan steadily over the burning logs dodging the flames as they flared up! Good to know we can go back to basic survival to make sure we don't miss out in our coffee in the morning!

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