Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Food with Flares

Cheese Fondue
When it came to celebrating my husband's 40th a 70's "disco" party was the obvious choice. It ticked all the boxes - excuse to dress up in psychadelic gear and flares: check, dance around listening to cheesy disco music: check, justify purchase of a mirror ball: check and of course, delicious nostalgic 70's hors d'oeuvres (as they used to call them!): check!

Beef Wellington
It was with this last item on the party list that I was most excited! Being a food blogger and showing my food off to the world via the blog has it's disadvantages. All the guests somehow had high expectations of the feast that I would be presenting so my original idea of cheese cubes and tinned pineapple on toothpicks skewered into a half grapefruit, with a bowl of twiglets, just wasn't going to cut it. I had to think a bit more adventurous and impressive!

 Vol au Vents
Friends were guessing what they might taste, and all of them were looking forward to prawn cocktail, expertly prepared by our chef friend Neil, who lent a hand in the kitchen, and devils on horseback (juicy prunes wrapped in bacon  and grilled)! Cam prepared a chicken liver pate, and we had some prosciutto wrapped melon, reminiscent of our family favourite starters! Most guests also guessed the appearance of a 70's classic, a gruyere cheese fondue, which was as popular as it was in its heyday!

The Cake(s)
The chicken and mushroom vol au vents were a hit, and we really tucked into Gary from Masterchef's delicious Beef Wellington - perhaps not quite meant for canapes but fabulous tasting, and worth licking your fingers for!

Finally, we had black forest cup-gateaux and Cam's favourite - individual Margarita Lime Cheesecakes, courtesy of LivLife's fantastic recipe!

 Food fit for a fortieth with flare(s)!


Kim - Liv Life said...

What a fun evening! My neighbor did something similar, disco ball and all, however the appetizers were not up to your caliber!! Well done! So glad he enjoyed the cheesecakes... they are a hit in our neighborhood too. Happy Birthday to your husband!!

chocolatesuze said...

sounds like an awesome party i love fondue and lol ive always wanted a disco ball!

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