Friday, January 14, 2011

The Shaked Truth

The sad truth about being a foodie for me, is that I'm not immune to a bit of bulge in the tummy (or many other places for that matter) when I've been enjoying the fruits of my meal planning, it's execution and most importantly sampling. My latest strategy, that my friend (and colleague) embarked on  to battle the bulge, is breakfast protein shakes. Euuugh! I hear you!

At first it was a bit of a struggle. My first experience was of a gloopy mess of lumpy powder and milk. I did get a bit handier with the shaker and was able to make a fairly scullable concoction. Recently, however, it's come a long way with the introduction of a blender. What a difference! Now, not only are we able to have the dairy and protein components, but add in daily fruit requirements, and much needed flavour. And, our offers to be share have been taken up by our office with one especially nit-picking male colleague, so they must be pretty good!

Now, there's a menu of many smoothie options - banana, blueberry with banana shake mix? mixed berry with strawberry shake mix, fresh mango, strawberry and vanilla shake mix - all with a hit of extra protein.

I guess the real question - is it working? Well, it works for me right now. It's quick and satisfies my hunger, I easily make my fruit allocation for the day, I skip the toast from the coffee shop on the way to work. If nothing else, it allows me continue to enjoy my yummy menus in the evening, and I can keep my favourite delicious breakfast recipes for brunch with my husband or friends on the weekends!

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Kim Kelly said...

Ahhhh... the ole bulge around the tummy. Yep, I'm feeling it too! Nice idea with the breakfast shake. I'm on my first week of back to the gym and might have to add the shake as well. Looking forward to your progress (and mine too!!)

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