Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Delicious Every Day of the Year

Today, now that the holiday rush is winding down and we are back into routine, I pull out my Delicious 2011 Diary for the first time. Most people use their favourite diary for their plans and To-do Lists. I do too! But it's for my meal plans and grocery shopping lists. The diary has pride of place in the kitchen and identifies what we're eating for the week and the page number and Date of the Delicious Mag, or Recipe book in which to find it (omission of this would mean I could never be surprised by dinner prepared by my husband when I walk in after work!) It's not a well kept diary, but a well used one! It goes with me to the grocery shop with the shopping list scribbled down the side, and scored out as items land in the trolley; the menus are scrubbed out if a better recipe comes along, arrows pointing to different meals on different days when we've changed our plans.

People think I'm crazy knowing what we'll be eating for dinner next week, but for us it cuts our supermarket time down and we go in on a mission, rather than aimlessly wandering the aisles for inspiration; it cuts our food wastage down, so much so we often wake up on a Saturday morning with nothing but eggs and our condiment jars staring at us when we open the fridge door, and it means throughout the weeks we rarely eat the same thing twice (unless it's a special favourite or one that was good enough to serve for our next dinner party!)

So, as I open my diary for another year, I am excited to fill it with meals plans of more delicious healthy food, some of it to share in the blog :-)

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