Wednesday, February 9, 2011

King Fish Flop

I am normally pretty successful in the kitchen and when I follow recipes, they are usually a fantastic hit at best and a mediocre meal at worst. Last night I felt well and truly defeated by a mere chargrilled piece of fish!

In our typical summer mid week style the menu consisted of a crispy green salad and cumin seasoned king fish cutlet with coriander salsa: easy as! I threw together the salad, zapped some spring onions, coriander, chilli, garlic, lime juice, sugar and fish sauce together for a delicious salsa and seasoned the fish with some cumin seeds.

My favourite pan from my Anolon set is the char-grill pan which I use often, so I'm far from a novice with the equipment. I let the pan heat up and put the fish cutlets on for a few minutes each side. At first I thought that the heat wasn't high enough so the flesh was getting a bit soggy. I turned them over and as they started falling apart so did my pride! Oh well, not a picture perfect dish... When it finally made the plate it looked like a boney mash potato! What had I done!? It had a mushy and chalky consistency and was one of the first inedible things I've ever made! The cutlets went into the bin to be replaced by a trusty can of tuna :-(

Pride hurt and unsatisfied I decided to investigate, as I am never one to admit defeat! Turns out that it wasn't all me! There is a parasite called Kudoa that makes king fish mushy, or milky as is the correct term! The description I found online was "as if it's already been digested!" Just shows, every day and every dish can be a learning opportunity!

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